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second chances

what do u do when someone who u were maddly in love with and would do anything in th whole world forleaves u for someone else.and completly tears your heart out and almost kills you. not just for any someone but a rival. not the point. but then after nto seeing her for a year she comes home and you talk and she desides she wants to cut off all comunication with you completly. then after she moves out of state calls you at 3 in the morning professing her love and telling you all she wants is to be with you and everything will be ok and that she wants to merry you and that there will be nomore pain and that all will be fine.... if u move out of state to be with her. what would u do? cuz i just said let me sleep on it. and the funny thing about telling someone your going to sleep on something like that is well... HOW THE F**K do u sleep when someone says something like that. and why in the hell am i seriously considering it? i should hate her more then anything for the hurt she has caused me but i love her and want to forgive her. what would u do?
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